Alaska Bears, Glaciers, & Scenery

August 2017 was a memorable month. We started with a bear photo tour in the Lake Clark & Katmai parks. Each morning our group of ten flew out in three float planes to find bears. We flew through wilderness and beautiful mountain passes, with snow-capped mountains in the distance, to areas where the sockeye salmon were moving upstream to their spawning area. The salmon, having already undertaken a long journey, are now bright red, ready to spawn and then will die.

On several days, we went to Moraine Creek/Funnel Creek in the Katmai area. After landing, we walked a mile or so across the tundra in waders to the shore of the stream, or the bluff overlooking the stream to look for bears and salmon and set up for taking photographs. Brown bears come from throughout the region to this area where two large creeks come together and the salmon are plentiful. On one day the weather precluded landing at Moraine and we went to Brooks Falls at Katmai National Park.

The second part of the trip was cruising from Seward, Alaska, through the inside passage to Vancouver, British Columbia. As part of the cruise package we took the McKinley Explorer train to Denali National Park where we enjoyed a three day stay before boarding the Zaandam in Seward. Although it was fun to be on the ship, it was the glaciers that made this a truly memorable experience.

Thanks for your visit. We hope you enjoy viewing our photos from this trip.

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