2020 The Year of Covid-19

We did not have the three photographic travels we planned for 2020 because of Covid, but we did manage some stay-at-home photography anyway.

Three kilometres east of us there is an osprey box/nest with a convenient viewing area. I visited two days a week from June to the end of July to witness the seemingly endless sitting on the eggs, emergence of the two chicks, nest repairs, take-out delivery, flapping of wings in preparation for flight, first flight, and a close encounter. Overall this was all very thrilling, and I would have missed it all if our travel plans had not been thwarted. A few of the pictures are here in the osprey gallery.

We have had bird feeders for years, but, perhaps because of Covid, this was the first year I made a point of keeping the camera at the ready. What fun to record the images of the critters, feathered and otherwise, that visited our property. The following Yard gallery showcases our visitors.

We did manage a fall outing to the Muskoka region and spent a week away without contacting others. We explored Arrowhead Provincial Park just north of Huntsville, ON and came back with a few interesting fall pictures. We particularly enjoyed photographing Stubbs Falls. These photos are in the Arrowhead gallery.

Thanks for your visit.  

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